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They say there are two certainties in life: death and taxes. Figuring out how much you owe in taxes is no easy feat. As if that’s not hard enough, the truly difficult part comes if you and the IRS don’t agree on the amount of taxes you owe. This type of dispute happens frequently and doesn’t always end up in court. Maybe you agree with the IRS’s position or you are able to respond and the IRS acknowledges your explanation of why you were correct. If you respond to the IRS and things still aren’t worked out, however, you might start to consider whether you are going to need to go to court to argue your case and have a judge determine the exact amount you do or do not owe. As tax litigation attorneys, we understand that can be a daunting process. We’re here to help. If you are currently in a tax dispute and need an experienced tax litigator, call Sawan PLLC today at 419-469-5002 to discuss your case.


Considering the complexities of the tax code, tax laws are considered some of the most robust sets of laws and regulations that exist anywhere in the world. When facing this level of complexity, an experienced tax litigator with a tax accounting background can be a major help arguing your case. Although in an ideal case, there is at least a possibility that a tax dispute can be resolved by agreement or settlement. As with other instances, however, sometimes the only way to defend your rights and tax position is to litigate. Let our tax litigators lend their substantial courtroom experience and tax expertise to help defend your rights when it is time for your day in court.

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Receive a letter from the IRS? Feel more comfortable if you have your tax attorney handle the response? No problem. We are happy to correspond with the IRS in an effort to seek a resolution that protects your rights.

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With all the laws and regulations governing our tax obligations, you need an experienced, knowledgeable and savvy tax attorney who can make sure you are putting forth your best argument if you find litigation over a tax dispute to be your only option.

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Already been through litigation but still feel your rights have not been vindicated? Act fast to preserve your rights to appeal. Take your case to a higher court. We’ll be sure to put your best argument forward.

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