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If you’re starting a franchise in Ohio or growing your franchise to include Ohio, you should consult with Ohio Franchise Attorneys. Deciding whether or not to franchise your business is a significant decisions that should be given ample consideration. If you are franchising your business, you should consider whether the business concept is one that can be successfully replicated and whether it is in your best interest as well as in the best interest of the franchisees, to turn your idea into a franchise. There are many factors that you have to take into consideration, before taking the leap to becoming a franchisor.

Similarly, if you are looking to purchase a franchise, there are issues you need to evaluate. When you buy a franchise, you are doing more than just hanging a shingle and running a business. You must ensure that you have reviewed the provisions of the franchise agreement and other binding documents to protect yourself and your new business venture.

We help clients achieve their growth objectives through franchising, licensing, and distribution arrangements. We’ve helped structure and launch new franchise programs, and have helped to refine and modify established programs as their businesses reach maturity.

We provide franchise compliance and regulatory services, intellectual property protection services, and serve as an accessible legal counsel for any legal needs as they arise. We also represent franchise clients in negotiations, franchisee-franchisor relationships and franchise disputes

Our Ohio Franchise Law Services

Franchise Disclosure Documents

Make Sure FTC Rules are Followed

The Federal Trade Commission is tasked with ensuring that franchisees and potential franchisees have all of the information they would need in an accessible format to make an informed decisions when purchasing a franchise. We can help make sure your disclosure document do just that.

Franchise Agreements

The Contract is Key to Success

Franchise agreement are crucial and detail the rules of the franchise relationship. As a franchisor, we will help you create the franchise agreement and other related documents needed. If you are a franchisee, we will review the agreement and identify any areas of concern.

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