ABOUT Dennis E. Sawan, Esq.


Dennis E. Sawan is an experienced business, real estate, estate planning and tax attorney with a unique skillset that is well suited to a diverse set of clients. Whether you need a contract drafted or an entire estate plan established, Dennis can help. Should the need to litigate arise, he has many years of experience representing clients all the way through to jury trials.

Humility is a rare trait to find, particularly in lawyers. I realize your legal concerns are immensely important to you, and this understanding underscores the way I handle each and every case. I aim to always remember that in order for me to be an effective advocate, I must also be a sympathetic one. I’ve worked in the judicial system in various capacities for many years. Through these experiences, I’ve gained valuable insights into the legal process, available defenses and successful trial strategies. Perhaps more importantly, this time in the local legal system has provided me the opportunity to interface with the local legal community and city government. I strive to always be sympathetic, honest and accountable in both my personal and professional lives. I became an attorney in order to help people, and that is what I commit to do through the representation of every client.